The International Criminal Court, a pillar of international criminal justice: a brief overview

Abstract: The Author sets out key features of the International Criminal Court and its criminal procedure. It also highlights some of the most significant jurisprudence in recent years, and addresses the key challenges before it, as it embarks on its next decade.

Keywords: International Criminal Court; Rome Statute; Assembly of States; principle of complementarity.

Summary: 1. Introduction. 2. The Court at a glance. 2.1. The organs of the Court. 2.2. The principle of complementarity: cornerstone of ICC proceedings. 3. Criminal procedure before the Court: a unique mixture of Romano-Germanic and adversarial systems. 4. Recent developments in the jurisprudence of the Court (2021/2022). 5. Challenges for the Court and the Review conducted in 2020. 6. Conclusion.